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With a constantly changing environment, we believe that keeping current with all of your computers needs is vital to the overall health of your computer system. Not only will proper PC maintenance help your computer retain it's peak performance but it is vital to keeping your computer system running well over the course it's life span; a 5 to 7 years period. PC Autotune is a revolutionary software application based on 20+ years of systems administration, PC upkeep and maintenance.

What is PC Autotune?

PC Autotune is a revolutionary product we've designed that automates certain key tuning processes for a Windows based computer. With the single click of a button, our uniquely designed dashboard tunes up your computer(runs our advanced registry cleaner, creates a system restore point, cleans out all un-necessary temporary files, runs a full disk defragmentation and optimizes your memory). In addition to the full PC tune up you will receive, we have just partnered with showmypc.com and are able to provide Desktop Support to you as a premium service. We can assist you in solving you computer questions and needs remotely. Over the past 15 years, our system technicians have spent a significant amount of time developing maintenance plans for our customers. As time has passed, we've come to the conclusion that your time and money are better spent doing what you want them to do. "A little maintenance goes a long way" - Brett Duryea - Owner - B1 Designs. "Effective maintenance keeps people working and working efficiently" - Douglas Miers - Owner - BoulderIT.

With PC Autotune, you can pick your own schedule and the PC tune up happens automatically. We recommend scheduling a PC tune up to run 1-2x per week. Many people schedule a PC tune up to run in the middle of the night while they're sleeping so when they arrive back to their computer, it's fast and healthy.


Question: How do I know that PC Autotune ran according to the schedule I've picked and how long does it take to run?
Answer: With PC Autotune, we've designed an Autotune results report to display at the end of each run. This report not only tells you that a PC tune up actually ran according to your schedule, but displays the summary of results that it achieved during the run. Another notable feature we implemented is a timer so that users can know how long it actually takes to perform a full PC tune up.

If you own a laptop, you can just open PC Autotune, click "Go" and watch as your system becomes faster.

In Additional to the PC Autotune Software Product, we've created our very own "Cloud" environment for everyone who owns a copy of PC Autotune. You will become part of a group of people who have access to many great free resources on the web that you may never have known about, such as "Virtual Ocean". Try it, we guarantee you'll love it.

With your purchase, you will pick your login and password that are used to access the PC Autotune "Cloud"

Question: How does PC Autotune extend the life of my hard drive?
Answer: A properly maintained hard drive has to do less processing work, creating less heat, which creates less wear and tear. Less wear and tear makes the drive last longer.

If we commit to proper maintenance, we can extend the life span of our computers by an additional 1 to 2 years. Instead of buying a new computer every 4 to 5 years, if we purchase new computers every 5 to 6 years, over the course of time, that's 1 billion less computers going into a land fill every 20 years!

This is extremely friendly to the Earth and your pocket book!

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We at PC Autotune believe that proper maintenance of your computer equipment is essential to making it last longer and work better. There are currently over 1 billion Windows based computers in the world. We have the research that provides evidence that if you maintain your computer's hard drive(with PC Autotune), your computer will last longer and work faster always. Over time, people buy a new computer or replace their current computer every 4 to 5 years.



Our computer has lasted us 6 years and is still running well thanks to PCAutotune. 

Barry Schacht – Residential User.

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