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Here you will find answers to many frequently asked questions and contact information in the event you have other questions. Please feel free to call or email us your questions!

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PC Autotune Support - Frequently Asked Questions

Already purchased a license key?

Question: I have my license key and I am not sure of how to get the install files.
Answer: Just click on this link to install the latest version of our software. (you will need to have a license key to run PC Autotune
Download PC Autotune

Question: Does PC Autotune change my computer system?
Answer: No, we are simply automating many of the tune up utilities that are already built into your computer.

Question: Is PC Autotune easy to install?
Answer: Yes, we have a 3 piece installation process that is hassle free. Click here to purchase PC Autotune and we will send you an email with all the necessary information and files to install on your computer.

Question: How often should I run PC Autotune?
Answer:  You can run PC Autotune as often as you’d like.  You can also automate PC Autotune to run on its own schedule. We recommend running PC Autotune 1 - 2x per week.

Question:  What if I want to install PC Autotune on my laptop, netbook or tablet?

Answer: No problem.  You can run it as often as you’d like by simply clicking the icon and watch it tune up your portable computers.

Question:  Why does Microsoft Vista seem slow?

Answer:  Vista is a very visual operating system with lots of bells and whistles.  It needs to be constantly maintained to run effectively.  Use PC Autotune to keep Vista properly maintained.

Question:  How can PC Autotune make my hard drive last longer?
Answer:  With a constantly maintained hard drive, the drive doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve more efficient results.  Less work equals less heat, less wear and longer life. 

Question:  Does my subscription renew annually?
Answer: Yes.  A one-time per year renewal keeps you fully tuned up and linked in to the PC Autotune “Cloud” with links to our latest free tools, downloads, tips, knowledge base and bookmarks sections of your account. 


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